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Odd wishes and a Red Alert to Tiberian Dawn 'Mod'


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Sure I have not heard many say this, but is it possible to get the EVA from Tiberian Dawn on Red Alert?

I much preferred it and would go awesomely with my crude 'mod' that turns Red Alert into something like Tiberian Dawn...

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thats not very helpful

I already made the mod, it is simple and made form Rules.ini and Aftermth.ini with unit properties changed where they needed it, which is what I want rather than having to distribute another version of RA to my friends...

I was just wondering if EVA could be moved, thats it really.


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If you want you can convert the TD EVA to RA. The speech.mix has the sound for the EVA for TD and RA. (The Red Alert speech.mix is packed into the RedAlert.mix) The file names are not the same to you can't copy the TD speech.mix to RA. You will have to take each .aud out and change them to the right names for RA1 than pack them into a mix file. I found it lacking for RA over all so I used the Tib Sun EVA. Here is the Tib Sun EVA from Red Dawn.


Drop the SC-EVA into your Red Alert folder and your done!


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I made a collection of the convertible sounds files, but when I try to apply it it does not work...

do ALL speech files need to be compensated for or can a few be added with gaps left around?


EDIT: when renaming it to speech .mix NO speech is produced... interesting

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