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  1. IMHO there is next to no advertising and it seems that the projects don't quite understand how they want to reach out to casual players. I've only seen this advertised on a few dying C&C community websites. More emphasis needs to be placed on the fact the GAMES are free, rather than the on-line experience, and that they run NATIVELY on modern hardware, with community patches and content. This page seriously needs reworked from a UI perspective. I didn't even release each game had a video when you clicked on the image (that you also have to scroll down to see - not great). A single video needs to be displayed on that page first, then the info and images if the user has to scroll. This is basic UI 101. The video should explain what games are legally free, what content is included (official missions, videos, music, maps, custom missions, expansions) and of course the Hi Def online games (and offline - campaign, skirmish) of each game, as well as mention for support of non free games (RA2 etc). The RA1 video is nice in that you can see it is obviously HiDef, but the TD video... Was that filmed in 1995 or 2015? Guys, you do all this hard work to shoot yourselves in the foot so badly with showing it off. Sort a GOOD landing page. Sort a GOOD video. Then contact all the sites and articles listing free games and link that video and page. Then watch the player base soar.
  2. I don't think I ever did find this CD I have the music from the expansions ripped from some game soundtrack site, and I know that at least 3 tracks go fuzzy halfway through...
  3. PSX C&C RA Retaliation is 70% compared to irans version at 30% I guess watered down graphics, 5 fps frame-rate and using a controller with buttons beats HD, extra features, fixes and online multiplayer. Nostalgia beats all eh (same rant for nyerguds' version) C&C1 for the story RA1 for the gritiness Generals for the balance
  4. Yea I agree, although I think the acting was much better in the RA1 cut-scenes. RA1 was literally WWII without Hitler's aggression, so I guess they couldn't go too crazy with the plot. With the exception of, you know, the tesla weaponry, time shifting, vortexes, invulnerability, cyborgs and double barrelled tanks... RA1 has the best soundtrack of all the CnCs imho, possibly of all the games I've ever played. Only videogame music I will listen to doing other stuff. That and the wipeout series. RA1 expansion remixes are top notch too. Also I laughed at your user name. :laugh:
  5. Really nice looking map. I like the village power plants. I hope I see more maps like this and less of the RA1 'pro' maps made in a couple of minutes.
  6. While on the topic of this engine, I read somewhere that someone figured out how to remove/greatly reduce the horrific aliased lines around voxels to make them more like their visually pleasing shp counterparts. Was this a thing or did I just dream it. And if so, will it be an option in the launcher?
  7. Well, I stand corrected. O_o I look forward to an updated C&C collection picture in that case. At this rate you'll need to invest in a bigger bed...
  8. I like OpenRA, but I still prefer the original CnCs - But most of that is nostalgia. Over the years, after playing many RTSs and going back to the classics, its clear as day to see they are clearly flawed. I mean by a bloody mile. Everyone has their ideas of how to 'fix' these classics, but the diehard lovers will cry foul no matter what happens. Including myself. Personally I thought OpenRA would be RA1 with better balancing and better UI on an enhanced engine. Clearly, as everyone who has played it will testify, the engines are miles apart. If you can accept that, I think you can really enjoy OpenRA. Balancing is good, UI is nice and native linux support is awesome. As a coder myself I greatly admire the OpenRA team who make this in their free time and keep it open source. What I wished OpenRA would be, was if WestWood had created RA1 with the tools of a decade ago, but with the knowledge and experience of a decade of RTSs today. Good UI, sane unit balance, logical map design, etc etc. OpenRA comes pretty close to that - albeit on a different engine. Some may argue why even bother using C&C assets when the gameplay is so different. I argue who cares. The CnCNet team have given us the high-res classics running natively on modern machines with improved multi-player support and a plethora of bug fixes. Awesome. Wall of text said and looking at the 'passion' flowing in this thread, it is clear that some small changes could be made to adjust 'expectations' of those who have nostalgia fuelled love for the classics. Indeed a slight tweaking of the 'Welcome back, Commander' blurb would ease things IMHO. That is a little more accurate portrayal, but I think the overal blurb needs cleaned up more (Dune isn't a C&C game, but the wording implies as such). Next time people play the 'its not CnC' card, that one line is enough to end needless arguments.
  9. Honestly, to make RA truly balanced for today (a la starcraft), the game would be somewhere in the middle of the RA1 engine, RA2 usability and open RA balance. Everything in RA1 is utterly fucked, from the economy, the basic controls to the god awful unit balance. That's why it's great. :trollface:
  10. r34ch

    1 unit left.......

    You've created a thread in a tiny community just to show off your lame trolling attempt in a 10yr old videogame. Your unrelated reply to the first comment is nothing more than a blanketed insult to people who play videogames and with no clue of irony point out the fact you play another 10yr old videogame using bots. Your avatar would be cute if you were 15, but I can tell you're not. She's not that into you. You think you're trolling us and getting kicks, but really you're projecting your feelings of low self worth. If you want to get a life, get a life. But first deal with whatever issues you're struggling to get over, cause you ain't gonna solve them in an online videogame forum.
  11. I think E:BFD should have a secondary poll. I'd vote yes for both!! The awesome thing you guys have at your disposal is the very real prospect of proper mod support for these games. There are far too many good mods on the RA2 engine to name that could really do with a boost in popularity. That D-Day one I can think of is still in development after all this time... Excellent work as always!
  12. I played Warzone2100 years ago on PSX. To my joy I found the original studio had released it as open source and now a team have made it high res and run nativelyon linux
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