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ppl who wanna game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ok ny1 whos ready to ply ra2 ts yuri or generals/zhshud get themselves ready and since awos is going to be unfunctional for a while i propose matches on hamachi so ny member who see this forum add me to their contacts if they wanna do matches in ny1 of these games!

im talkin intense matches so i hope many ppl will respond to this is a positive way and if ny1 sees tore or killa tell em to contact me via msn!

over and out! :ninja:

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this message is to tore, killa, n3trunner and other plyers of generals who r site members!!!!!!!!!!

i propose a 3v3 generals zh match on hamachi and we cant hav tht match without plyers so if u can and if at least 5 ppl who want to participate r ready plz reply in this forum and join the hamachi server [censored][/color:1wqhbgjj] password [censored][/color:1wqhbgjj].

make sure to reply quickly and if all goes well we could hav a great gaming experience so reply soon especially tore, killa and netrunner.1st five responsers r gonna be the plyers.

GAME ON!! :up::D:up::laugh::laugh::laugh:


EDIT BY TORE: Do not give out the password and network name for Bittah Commanders Hamachi network publicly![/color:1wqhbgjj]

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