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Hey look over there! Its another RA mod...


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As the topic title suggests.....

I have created a new mod, but its still in beta and stuff


Basic details:

Completely New factions, not Allies, not Soviets, not GDI and not NOD either (ignore radar screens in that sense)

Some units and buildings added from Tiberian Dawn, a bit more balanced that RA but with its different shifts.

Requires Aftermath active, or a few units might be missing.


Gameplay is different, there are 2 replacements for tech centre-like buildings, bio lab and advanced weapons facility (MISS)

bio lab unlocks fancy buildings

weapons facility unlocks fancy units


New/extra weapons:

Stealth Tank, MRLS, Flame Tank (still a personal favourite  :laugh:), Recon Bike and 2 new 'end-game' units (for sorting those damn stalemates) of immense power - the Chrono Nuke (chrono tank with demo charge) and Stealth Nuke (stealthed Demo truck)

Advanced Guard Tower is the other new building, but other things have had graphics changes (tent is now GDI barracks and Medium tank has been changed to TD style)

Some spare building entries floating around so some more can be added if I see fit.

No airfields (and therefore planes) at this time but may be included later.


-Graphics and stuff taken from Red Dawn, so credit goes to Allen262 for that

Missions have not been converted.


Currently a lot of awkward mix sorting has been going on, and I need to hope for a quick answer from a dev to see if you can literally put EVERYTHING into one mix file and have the game read it...


Some sounds are yet to be changed, a couple new units still being worked on so.... uh.... yeah.

enjoy. Damn upload limit. over by about 50 kb  :dry:


I need some people to give it a test drive.

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no screens as sadly I'm quite busy with real life too

exams in two weeks woohoo.


still thanks for the feedback, my main thought is feedback about gameplay though, and how it can be improved.

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Sorry for doublepost, but I got a quick update coming soon and this is just an announcement.

I also got good news and bad news...


Good news is, there is of course an update

Bad News is I'm still too busy to get some pics but I figured that people who download and play it could always get some screenies


Enjoy the mod anyways.

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Update part #2


Is there anyone out there willing to spare graphics and an Icon for an MG infantry unit?

I have the basic Idea but I still can't get my head around making shps and I'm too busy to learn


new version is here, v0.95 - I fixed missing units, some new sounds and as soon as I can get some graphics a new unit can be added.



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  • 5 months later...

Woohoo its back!

I revisited it at college and decided I might as well improve it

Plus I'm looking to get this compatible with cncnet5 (in the future at least)


but for now here is the update



for whatever reason I am unable to upload here which sucks  :(


NOTE: You will need the previous version and then paste this over to update it.

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  • 3 months later...

Good news everyone!

I have now created a completely rules.ini based version of this which is compatible with cncnet, woot!

Since there is no need to update this version, I shall lock this topic but you can still download this if you REALLY want to.


Link to the new version can now be found in my signature


Happy gaming everyone!

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