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SUGGESTION: Intro/Opening Cinematics


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I guess this suggestion is mostly directed to Nyerguds and the devs working on CnCNet.

I don't know if any of these could possibly be implemented but I thought I'd share the idea before I possibly forget about it.

If some of these already exist and I've yet to see them implemented because of my own slowness at getting C&C95 and CnCNet set up, forgive me.

These are not crucial features per se but I think they could spice up the transitions into games.


1. "The Campaign intro"

Back when I had an earlier (maybe pre 1.05) version of C&C95, upon opening C&C95.exe for the first time, it would play the intro (the one with switching tv channels) and end up in the new campaign screen in such a fashion that it seemed like a smooth transition with all the background interference during the cinematic and at the campaign selection screen. So I thought if it's possible maybe make it so that when you press "Start New Game" in the menu screen it would play that intro, which in turn would create that seamless transition into the campaign selection screen described above.


2. CnCNet/C&C95 lobby to game transition

Could anything like adding the PS1 Nod and GDI main menu animations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7r2lm9oZq8#t=155s to game launch be possible to implement? After you have picked your side and the game has launched you would be shown the respective piece of film.


What do ya think?

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Repeating the intro on Start New Game is an interesting idea, definitely. I'd have to make sure the intro is skippable, but besides that, it'll just be a copy of the first-run code.


The second, though... not even touching that. I only do tweaks to existing code. That would need an entirely new type of animation to be implemented into the game, and I honestly don't see any point in spending time on that. Not even counting the fact we don't actually have the files to do the animation.

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