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Play on Mac problems


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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to get RA1 working on my macbook pro but I am having some issues playing online and playing with full screen.


I have installed play on mac and configured the wine settings but when I start the game it starts in a small screen.


Also when I try to play online it says:


"Windows version is out of date, Please upgrade to windows s1 or install Internet explorer 3 or higher"


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  :)

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did you follow this tutorial ? http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/playonmac_playonlinux/


you have to add ddraw and wsock32 to the override list in the wine settings

start the game via cncnet.exe (not ra95.exe) then go to multiplayer/LAN to play online ... do not try to click on the internet button, it doesn't work


you can enable/disable window mode in ddraw.ini which is located in your red alert folder

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Yes i i followed the tutorial, but when i configure the wine settings there is no option ddraw and wsock32.


They do not appear in the drop down. Do i have to add them manually?



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