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New Server Provider: NodeDeploy


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A little while ago we got a message from our old server provider: We were using too much resources. In response to this hifi openly asked for a provider that could keep up with our requirements.




Some time after we were approached by Brad (BradND) from server provider NodeDeploy. Brad liked the idea behind CnCNet and the C&C Comm. Center as he is a fan of the Command & Conquer series. He offered us a home at his service NodeDeploy and he would provide us with as much room and resources as we need free of charge.


We wholeheartedly accepted his offer and as of today we moved CnCNet.org, CnC-Comm.com and CnCNet 4 to NodeDeploy's server. CnCNet 5 will continue to run on the US server we were donated previously.


As our infrastructure is now provided free of charge, we no longer have to use donations to keep our services running. Meaning that any donations we receive will be supporting our cause of keeping the classic C&C games alive by other means instead of paying for services.


Again we would thank Brad of NodeDeploy for his dedication to the classic C&C games!

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I would like to add my personal thanks to our old provider, EDIS, for providing us quality services for a year. I can recommend them for any medium resources requiring service. Unfortunately, CnCNet 4 takes a lot of UDP bandwidth which started causing issues.


And now, I'm very grateful to Brad for taking us in with such short notice and providing all the resources we could possibly need to keep CnCNet and CnC-Comm running. I hope we can have a long standing partnership and provide everyone top quality C&C services.


As for people who have donated so far, I'm eternally grateful as it has helped us keep the service running and hope to be able to give some of the money back in the future in some other form.

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Congratulations. I think it is a much better solution for you. Using donated hardware works around the issue that you are asking for money (although it is just donations to keep the servers running) for a trademarked brand and other intellectual property that you don't own at all.

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