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Enable highest buildlevel.


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I thought I've read it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it anymore.


Anyway; I believe there was an option to enable the highest buildlevel, so I'm able to build SSM's, Commando's and Chem. Warriors. Without editing the buildlevel for every single mission in the .mix or .ini file.

How do I do that again? I knew before, but I've been busy with some things so unfortunately I forgot :(


Nyerguds knows! :D

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Oh, misplaced it.


If I'm not mistaken, I somewhere saw you making a comment about enabling the highest buildlevel for any mission, and it was ingame, by typing a word in the level or at the menu. So, basically when I play NOD, I can build SSM's, Chem's, Commando's, Hospitals, Bio-labs etc... Or am I just being stupid now, and do I need to place RemoveBuildExceptions=Yes in every single mission?

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98. Don't touch 99, it allows you to build stuff you simply shouldn't, like the mobile HQ and the hospital.


Hmm. topoftheline does not allow building chem-warriors? That seems odd. Did you make a Temple of Nod? Those guys kinda need a Temple before you can build them.

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I've debugged through the entire prerequisites checking code to try to find what was wrong... only to find out that the chem warrior's buildlevel is 99 internally for some dumb reason O_o


If I ever get around to releasing a new version, this will definitely be fixed.

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