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Ant Missions for Multiplayer (CoOperation) 2 players

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Original Counterstrike Ant missions ported to multiplayer


these missions only work in the new lobby ( www.cncnet.org/5 ), do not try to play them on cncnet4 cause it wont work at all!!


Players: 2

Country: Allies (germany/england/france/spain/turkey/Greece)




1. copy them into your main game directory or you can also copy them into Maps/CoOperation

2. restart the lobby

3. type "ant mission" into the search field inside of the game room


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So when this mission starts up with no AI added, what difficulty do the ants default to? Seems pretty difficult.


Don't think you can adjust the difficulty, the starting credits are hardcoded. But you can maybe modify the map in the editor and change it

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