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  1. Wow!!!! Now that is a collection!! I will have to do some more digging! Respect brothers in arms! : )
  2. Hey guys, its Fan1. I have been playing since the game was released 20 years ago. I just came back home and was cleaning out my closet and found this awesome Field Manual. It has ALL of the best tips and tricks. Just thought I would share it with the true (Fans)! Note attachment to big, so I uploaded it safely to Imgur! Picture Link:
  3. Hello I have been having this issue and cannot switch firewalls. I use Comcast, it pays free for my Norton security, every other day I wake up and Norton's Sonar Activity has removed the cncnet.exe file. So everyday I have to re install, re install maps, re adjust settings, reinstall music, I try to run as admin, im on windows 7, I try to click Allow cncnet.exe in my firewall section for Norton. Please if Anybody has any suggestions on how to make this work, I can not change Internet Security. Thanks
  4. Thanks V grabbing now! keep em coming!
  5. http://www.moddb.com/downloads/red-alert-1-windows-7-themepack
  6. Fan1

    Happy X-mas!

    Happy Holidays to All
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