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I'm thinking of creating an Excel file to aid map making in Tiberian Dawn. After you enter some parameters it outputs the OVERLAY section filled with Tiberium in some random organic display.

It would be started around mid December, 2013 (or January).


Before I go on doing this, I want to ask if anyone wanna take over, because I'm not an IT guy so I'll have to rely on my bad habits.


This is what was thought so far:

  • Origin = top left point of the tibeirum field
  • Area = a rectangled area corresponding to the cells map address where the Tiberium will be layed
  • Tree = up to 5 cell address for SPLITS
  • Distribution = a dropdown list to choose how the tiberium is spread(star, Y-shape, X-shape, L-shape, elipse, etc)
  • Orientation = V or H
  • Inversion = inverts the output if needed
  • Potential = can be scarce,medium or abundant or can be a number corresponding to an average
  • Rifling = failed effect of the tiberium growth in certain portions (only in the begining of the mission)
  • Polishment = how the tiberium is presented nearby objects like rivers and rocks
  • Secondary Area = an amplified area to deploy traces of Tiberium, if desired (2%)


Another way or in paralel to construct this is to input the full potential of a smaller area and the output states the size of the area. That would serve for Multi player maps.


I'm thinking of doing this because around 100 single player OLD maps (estimate info) are poor in this matter, so if the rest of the map or the mission itself is lame, I pretend to change the tiberian fields.

Any comments, be welcome.

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i think this is a good idea. however, unfortunately i can't put the time needed into it...



but i would suggest another feature: "compress" or "smart-scarce" or something... everything is done as normal, but then these steps are done:


first internally divide the field in 4 quarters...


the user can decide how many of these 4 quarters will be "trimmed" (1-4).

can also set an "approach vector", most likely the direction of the player's base... should the user have selected that 2 quarters should be "trimmed", then the approach vector would be one of N,E,S,W... if 1 or 3 quarters are to be trimmed, then it's the corners instead (NE,SE,SW,NW)... if all 4 quarters are to be trimmed, there is no approach vector.


then in the quarters of the field that are away from the approach vector, patches of tiberium are removed in a checkerboard pattern.

maybe have an option to "boost" the potency of the remaining patches to compensate.


the intention is that the player, with some luck, shouldn't even notice (because of tiberium spreading during the game), while it cuts down on the limit of objects which can be a problem for more big/complex missions/maps...

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yes, i understand the purpose of the tool you are proposing.


the feature i was suggesting has to do with the problem which occurs when you design larger missions... IIRC, there is an arbitrary limit of lines in the file, or of objects on the map... to avoid reaching that, one usually removes patches of Tiberium from the map.


i was suggesting to include a feature in your TibField generator to automatically do that by eliminating in a checkerboard pattern parts of the field... by the time the player discovers it, hopefully tiberium has spread into the in-between spaces, so that it doesn't look weird to him.

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