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CNCNet 5 Connection quality


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As probably anyone knows there is a Connection Quality checker in CNCNet 5 client, and as far as i know its not really working properly.

It would not be a big problem, but i experiencing it's bad side effect.


It says i have _very bad_ connection but usually i don't have any problem while playing (i can say it's going with full speed) with others.

BUT i can't play with them so many times, they just ban me (if they don't know me) thinking the game will lag because of me which is not true.


I don't know how many people are interested in this case, but it's really annoying me.


Thank you for listening me.



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Well /ping google.com


Result: N/A :D


.... SO then i found the problem... You can set in some firewalls (in this case in my router) to block ping requests.

So it seems you check quality with ICMP Ping.


Just a toguht: maybe you should use an IRC related pinging ("Ping? Pong!"), which can resolve this problem, and maybe not a big deal to accomplish.


Well, ok, thanks for the help anyways.

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