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Modifying unit stats in Generals?


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Hello there, again!


So after taking a break from my C&C journey to focus on my schoolwork, I have jumped back in with Generals. However, I wanted to change some unit stats and couldn't find any ini files to modify. I know every C&C game starting with Generals switched to SAGE but I'm totally unfamiliar with how it handles stats. Are there any editors or plaintext files I can edit?


Thanks again, y'all <3


Edit: Seems like it's hidden in the BIG files. What is the best editor/unpacker for playing with those?

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Well, you could tell me a living Generals fourm, for one.


You should also realize that this sub-category is for all C&C games post-RA1. Which means Generals is covered. Also, I've gotten a lot of help on this fourm already for previous games.

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We are a community geared mostly towards the classics, yes... but that's no reason to be rude, Chrisleefriday.


ETPC: This is indeed for all newer games, but there is a specific other forum section for modding.


Since most of us here are into the older games, though, you might find more information and expertise on that on the Project Perfect Mod forum. It's mostly geared towards modding TS and RA2, but there is a Generals modding board as well, and it seems active. You could also check out CNCNZ.

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