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"Red Alert has encountered a problem and needs to close."


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Hello Commanders!


We just released a new feature to the CnCNet client that allows you to send your game crash reports directly to us for investigation. We will do the best we can to fix any in-game crashes you encounter with our supported games. Participating is completely optional and only the minimal required information of the crash is sent to us. That includes your operating system version,  game version, your current game room options and the actual crash dump that contains only information about the game executable state when it crashed. No other information is gathered or sent.


Currently Red Alert and Tiberian Sun crash reports are supported.


Hopefully we don't get flooded with them! Keep on playing.

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This sounds very useful.

I get quite a lot of crashes when playing with people on my RA mod and was wondering if we could have some causes found (I already found the gap gen insta-crashed, which was strange)

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