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Infinite ore


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Lately i have been gathering information about map modding. I noticed something strange when looking at the infinite ore "code"


First lets look at the standard values from rules.ini:

; income and production

BailCount=28            ; number of 'bails' carried by a harvester

GemValue=50            ; gem credits per 'bail' carried by a harvester

GoldValue=25            ; gold credits per 'bail' carried by a harvester

GrowthRate=2            ; minutes between ore (Tiberium) growth

OreGrows=yes            ; Does ore grow denser over time?

OreSpreads=yes          ; Does ore spread into adjacent areas?

OreTruckRate=1          ; speed that harvester truck manages ore [larger means slower]


As you can see a full ore truck will carry 28x25=700 credits when filled with only ore


When people ask what code is needed to create unlimited ore, this suggested most of the time:








When looking at this i noticed a few strange things:

Bailcount: Nothing wrong with this. An ore truck can not harvest more than 10 bails, otherwise it exhausts the ore cel and starts moving around like on normal maps.

Gemvalue: There is no reason to use this when a map contains no ore since it changes the gem value per bail.

Goldvalue: It makes sense to increase the value per bail to compensate for the reduced ore truck capacity. A logical value would be 70 since 70x10=700, the same amount

as a standard ore truck carries. Its important to take into acount the bailcount, a truck at bailcount 10 needs less time untill its full. When combining this with

goldvalue=70 the ore gather rate would already be faster than the standard speed.

Growthrate: most infinite ore maps use 0.02. I did notice that when using this value in combination with orespread=no an ore cell will still run out. To prevent this i

suggest using growthrate=0.01. The reason why it doesnt on for example p4 is because the cells around the harvested cell somehow influence the ore regeneration when they


Orespreads: A map that uses this setting is jail break. The only reason for changing this to no is when you dont like to surround ore with rocks. Normally if you

remove the surrounding rocks the ore will spread untill it covers most of the map. To prevent this you need orespread=no. When changing this to no, i suggest changing

growthrate to 0.01.

Oretruckrate: this value is the same as the standard setting. No reason to include this at all.




In my opinion a more logical choice would be to use the following "code" for an unlimited ore map:






And for a map without ore surrounding rocks:






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