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Thnx for Tiberian SUN cause my Windows XP comp got fried

Steve Atlanta

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I just wanna introduce myself as a player of Command and Conquer game for over 5 years now.  I was greatly distressed when my Windows XP computer finally bit the dust, and I put my Tiberian Sun disc into a Windows 7 computer, and IT DIDNT WORK.  Well after struggling with "Windows XP mode" for about 4 days I finally found this website where I downloaded Tiberian Sun in a perfectly downloadable and usable format!  WAY better than even Westwoods links.  I can't thank you enough  for that as I am basically addicted to a few C&C games and was going to even look on Craigslist for an old Windows XP computer  so I could play it again.  :)

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xwis has a few players still as well but playing here is currently more populated and has a few perks like some anticheat protection etc.




has a 50mb tiberian sun multiplayer installer:



you can play there by creating a forum account and then using that same account info to login to their account manager for tiberian sun and make a free username sicne its freeware. itll ask for money but thats for a red alert serial theres a click me for ts players if you keep reading:






Anyway, have fun playing here. You can almost always get a game going thanks to red alert 1 players migrating to tiberian sun occasionally and a lot of the xwis community coming here which used to be the main way to play ts.

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