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make a ts ladder! now! :ranting:


I so look forward to threads like this coming here and all you wanting to moderate it like it means a something but to boost your ego. Get ready for all sorts of disconnecting, reconing, and bitching over nothing:



read that post hes literally mentally masturbating while he tries to feel good about himself and get the other guy in trouble. Thats why xwis is trash and now you wanna do it here and make it just as bad lol.


this will then spark sean3z interest to come here saying he wants to make the website for the ladder just so he can mentally masturbate to having control over that. yep totally good idea just so the toxic ts players can rip this site apart with their bull. hamster wheel is finally spinning up now. You're also the most toxic player I know trz. couldn't pick a better hamster to get on the wheel first than you. //rant

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