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TS Random lag....


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Was working just fine... Then all of a sudden the shit starts lagging. I was playing just fine, then after i got out of game and into lobby, when i went in game about 5 mins later... The shit started lagging. I've cleaned my computer, and shut off all unnecessary programs... But its still lagging. and when i try to hold the right click and scroll it lags so terribly... Anybody else? whats the fixes?  :ranting: :ranting: :ranting: :ranting:

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graphics patch didnt change much, IE-Ddraw made things drastically better, but ddwrapper with No Video Memory and Fake Vsync both selected was the best option. with IE-ddraw it still lagged and glitched a little while i was scrolling but this was virtually all taken away when switching to wrapper....


Any ideas why this would happen over the course of 5 minutes in between games? I dunno. Hope this fix holds up.


Thanks ya'll for the help. :)8)  :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:


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