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Peer to peer - how to?

Precision MT

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if you like to play with 6+ friends and all of you know how to open the needed port (8054 udp) in your router then it would work, but playing fast p2p games with random people in the lobby is almost impossible since the most people on cncnet dont know how to open ports :)


If you play with friends, use the following command to bybass the p2p connection test "/notest" because the test is currently not working :)


If you play with random people then make sure you set a ping limit and check the anti-lag checkbox when you host a game to filter the laggers out


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Like Funky said most people just use tunnels that's why I have my own kiwi tunnel I know how to open ports but most other people don't know how to open ports.


I'm sure the ping limit option dosen't work because I'm sure people who connect to my games have more than 150 ping being I live in New Zealand the only person who would possibly have less than 150 ping would be White being he's from New Zealand as well.


Most people are from somewhere in Europe.

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