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No Original TFD Installation needed for both Addons in RA v2.00 but in RA v3.03?




If you install RA1 v2.00 via TFD with the both Addons and you just copy the Installation Folder of Red Alert you can simply reinstall the Game by putting the copied Folders again on your harddrive without the need of the original disc if you have formatted your PC and everyone who wants to play Red Alert just need the copied Folders from the game and then it works even with the Addons!

But if you do the same with RA1 v3.03 you dont have the Addons in the game and you dont have the new units in Multiplay :-(

If you want the Addons in v 3.03 you need to install the Original TFD. Otherwise you just have the normal RA without new Units.

Have Westwood made the Registry Entries needed for the Addons to use in 3.03 or what???


Why you dont need them in v2.00 for the Addons to play?

Can you change this in v3.03 and make it like it is in v2.00 because its annoying if you make a Lan and everyone first must install the Original Game (which lasts a while) for playing RA1 v3.03 with the new Units in Multiplayer just because of the Registry Entries?!

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