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FIX for 33.5 FPS lock on Windows 8 and 8.1 (DirectDraw emulation fix)


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Hi, I have just found a solution for running Dune 2000 on Window 8+8.1 with good FPS. From what I know, Windows 8+8.1 emulates DDraw, but not without issues. There seems to be a compatibility flag which casues many games to get locked to about 33.5 FPS. I've even experienced drops down to about 8 FPS in Dune 2000 myself. Anyhow, the simplest fix is to drop a modified DDraw.dll in your root Dune 2000 folder. You'll find more info about the root cause and the DDraw.dll fix (there's some other alternative ways, too) at this link:




This dll has fixed Genesis emulation, Nerf Blast Arena and Dune 2000 for me so far. These games/emulators was locked to 33.5 FPS in full screen mode before. I've only just found the fix, so this is my initial feedback.

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interesting, i noticed the fps drop only with custom named game executables. If the filename is original (dune2000.dat) there were no problems


What dune install do you use? did you download any patches?


Might be cool to patch dune to do that stuff on its own like it is written on that site (3. Call SetAppCompatData)

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I created a test file:


here is the file without the fix (renamed) to compare:



files are for dune 2000 version 1.06, don't have version 1.06? get it here:



would be nice if you could confirm that this solves your problem too, that way there is no need fo the proxy ddraw.dll or the compat tool from ms

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I'm using the CnCNet Gruntmods Studios version.


Test results (starting these executables directly and not through CnCNet5)


With Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll'


dune2000-spawn.exe = 23-24 FPS

dune2000-NoFix = 23-24 FPS

dune2000-win8-test.exe = 60 FPS, however, it then drops to exactly 16 FPS after a few seconds. An observation, initially upon starting the game, I cannot see the FPS counter, however, when it drops to 16 FPS, it shows up.


Now, same deal, but with using 'DDRAW.dll' instead (W8+8.1 DirectDraw fix)


dune2000-spawn.exe  = 60 FPS, however, the FPS also seems to drop after a few seconds, however, I cannot see the actual FPS without Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll'. I can feel the FPS drop from 60 to something much lower, though.


So, it seems that my initial testing might not have been entirely correct. It seems that the fix only works momentarily for Dune 2000.


Edit: More test results:


-with Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll' and starting Dune 2000 via CnCNet5:


60 FPS itinially, but it then drops to 16 FPS. This is interresting because this is with Gruntmods Studios 'ddraw.dll' and no altered executable.


-with Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll' and starting Dune 2000 via CnCNet5, but with the box 'Force DirectDraw Emulation' switched on.


The game speed starts slow, but then the game speed turns really fast after a few seconds. The FPS says about ~180 the entire time, however, it might actually jump from a lower FPS, I'm not sure.


I'm quite confused about all of this right now.  :S

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