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TS Windows 8 Mouse Lag and Invisible Menu issues


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This is my first post on this website. I was not able to find the rules for posting in this website, so if there is such a page, I would appreciate it if someone could give me a link to that page so I don't accidentally break posting rules.



Anyway, I have some issues running Tiberian Sun on my Windows 8.1 64-bit PC. I have read many related threads on several forums about how to fix invisible menu and mouse lag issues. I tried using fixes suggested on those various threads, but some of the issues remain unsolved.


When I use the fix contained in the file "TS_Win8fix.zip", the invisible menu issue is solved. However, I experience mouse lag whenever I move the cursor in game.


When I use the fix contained in the file "ddwrapper.zip", the mouse lag issue is solved, but the invisible menu issue reappears.

To solve the invisible menu issue, people usually run the ddwrapper.zip along with running the game in windowed mode. This is where I run into a dead-end. I tried but can't get the game to run the game in windowed mode. I followed the instructions from various forums on running the game in windowed mode:

-create shortcut to the Game.exe

-add '-win' to the target field

-run in reduced color (16-bit) mode

-run as admin

-run in compatibility mode 'Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'


When I run the game without any fixes, I experience severe lag. When I implement either "TS_Win8fix.zip" or "ddwrapper.zip", I no longer experience severe lag. However I cannot apply both at the same time.


Where I need help is forcing the game into windowed mode. Also, it would be helpful to all the people who play TS on windows 8 if someone with programming skills could somehow combine the fixes contained in both of the zip files I mentioned; it would eliminate both mouse lag and menu issue without the need for windowed mode.

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could you please try the mini mutliplayer tiberian sun download from here? http://cncnet.org/download


i did some win8 updates recently, the menu problem and the low FPS were fixed with that update, if it works for you then i will make a patch for it so you can use it with other TS installation too


You can also try to take the ts-spawn.exe from the multiplayer package and put it into your full installation folder to have the fix working there too (please do not rename the file, it must have the name ts-spawn.exe)


If you copy the ts-spawn.exe to your full game folder then make sure you remove the file named "ddraw.dll" from the game folder (this file was added by the other workarounds you used)


Window mode might not work (not sure) test it in fullscreen first

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Thank you for all the quick replies!


You're using the wrong compatibility mode. You need Win98, not WinXP SP2.


I tried this before, it doesn't work for me.




TS-DDraw fixes all those issues to me. Take a look at this topic.


This totally works!! I downloaded the TS-DDraw in the form of tsconfig.exe from this website: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/ts-config.7z

Through this program, I was able to get the ddraw.dll fix that I needed to solve both of my issues. The map preview in skirmish is off proportions, but that's only a minor isssue. Somehow I was not able to find this earlier in my search for a fix, but either way I came to the right place for help. Thanks again.

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ah, nice :) the ts-spawn.exe is just for multiplayer tho, not sure if it will work perfectly for single player (just wanted to know if the fix works), i will prepare a proper patch tomorrow that works perfectly for single player and we will release a full installer for singleplayer soon too

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