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AI problem?


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I take a random allied mission (allied 3 for example) and open it in Final Alert 2 YR 1.02.


Unlike red alert 95, setting IQ to 5 for the player does not seem to work, since the AI doesn't build anything in terms of units, I provided him with barracks and war factory, enough power plants and credits. At least the chrono miner works... -_-


I even changed the setting for production% to 100 and still nothing..


I changed player control to No even and still doesn't work...


What else might be the issue here? how do I enable AI to build for me (player)?




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1. Why would you want that?

2. How is it configured for the AI side? I think the AI in missions is more scripted than that in skirmish, so it's possible there's some more global option in the mission controlling that.


1. It's not necessarily that I "want" that, it's more or less a reason of just having fun and to see what you can do, and if you can do that, it might enable some interesting things later, etc. People mod the game in all sorts of ways, so why would they want to mod them in those ways? I don't know, probably the same reason, just fun and see what happens, etc.


2. Well this would be funny a bit, why would I have to "configure" anything for the AI side? and what AI side? the side I want to "configure" is the player side, just set it to IQ=5 (just like old games) and it should work... I don't see why not... I didn't have to configure anything in the older games, just set to 5 or even 1 and AI works, even tho it works a bit funny maybe, but it works. Maybe they complicated things a bit with red alert 2 editor. I cannot find a good documentation anywhere on the net to explain couple of features of the editor, options, etc. I guess it's back to square one maybe, just change one setting at a time and see if that works, or maybe combine couple options together to see if that will trigger anything.


I mean by the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I don't get it working, it's not important, just wanted to see how the AI works in this game compared to older games.



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