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Hi! I wanted to play with a friend C&C Red Alert. We are using the "Online" option, a private game setting as well as tunneled connection. Currently we are both in Ecuador in a hotel and we are using most of the time the Californian server.  Most of the time we can play around 45-60 min without any issue. Then a counter window appears which states that the connection to the other player is lost and is trying to reconnect for 15sec and afterwards the message appears that the connection to the other player is lost. Up to to that point of time no Pproblems with the game. And the same happened already around 5 times with a similar timing.

Can you please help us?



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Your connectiom must be ultra poor as mine is 2mbps/0.5mbps community wireless with a lovely 80+ ping and I get next to no issues.


Mad thing is for no reason other than luck I get anywhere between a 'very bad' and 'very good' connection depending on it's mood. None of which actually effect the game at all, just the connection testing in cncnet is easily confused.


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