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  1. Just thinking aloud here but are there enough people in the UK who might be interested in a proper LAN torny? I can think of one already - me. But need to guage interest before moving this idea on.
  2. Who gives a monkey's chuff what people say. Play some games and have fun, it shouldn't be serious at all.
  3. So would that explain the 20 turbo speed rocketmen?
  4. Ok.... how can you make a group of 20(ish) rocketmen early in the game that run with extra speed? I can understand a few due to crates but 20 that walk faster than anything else... Ideas please.
  5. Good to see some sneaky not often used tactics. I guess everything has a purpose and when it's used infrequently people forget it's power. I'm now thinking ideas with the radar jammer...... double inside base chrono madness. But nothing can beat the ultra rare chrono'ed mad tank. Pure fear for any player.
  6. Don't worry there are loads of players who are in the 40's who just play for fun. But like all online games, there is a fare share of nobheads. Just take it on the chin, learn and get better at the game, then return and CRUSH THEM.
  7. Surely this is the lowest of the low. But I'm seeing more of it People who can magically play the game then decide they cant. Sorry but if you built 10 weapons factories last game, when you are on the other side do you build one and do nothing else? Sitting round doing nothing but building tanks letting the other players fight the other side. Then attacking their own team. Sorry for the rant but you are scum.
  8. TBH in a 1 on 1 the allies should always win due to the light tank. Learn to rush and you'll have him slowed down enough to build a force to finish the job.
  9. What really hacks me off is when someone builds a very powerful base, then quits leaving it to the computer. Since the AI 'cheats' by being able to build multiple buildings/units at the same time it can be unbeatable. I want VICTORY!
  10. Kennels are useful as they increase troop build speed and fends off initial troop rushes/engineer attacks.
  11. AGHAGAHGAHAGHAGHAGAH Kicked from 3 games for having a 'bad conn'... Maybe I should just roll the dice a few more times to get a very good one.
  12. Surely the lamest player is one who picks a map with rules edits. No power and all 8 teslas firing. I call that bolooks.
  13. 10-15 tanks isn't a rush. Real men fight with 4-6 tanks.
  14. TBH I've tried everything. The main issue is that people kick you for having a 'very bad' connection when the game then work fine at top speed. I guess I'll just have to endure it
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