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Red alert leatherboard


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Yes Leaderboards are always fun regardless, but they can also be a double sided sword. These little details below imo could help a rank system if there is ever going to be any.

- Any D/C by a player = quit

- Any quit without resigning first = some type of penalty, because practically they're about to possibly ruin a game by now letting the AI have a take at the show. Classless move. Assign a good sport sore loser rep, like if someone resigns before actually quitting they're classless rep doesn't move and good sport rep boosts up. That would be a good tendency to track as stat.

- W/L stats for every maps ? Is that possible.

- W/L for all factions used. It could inspire people to try other less used of these so they can be atop of that such faction W/L leaderboard.. just cause cause. And that'll be true.

- Building a war machine at 10000 game credits or sub, takes merit, Starting Donald Trump rich, completely changes the games dynamics. If ranked default cr is altered, game becomes unranked.

- Aftermath games tracking?


I believe in CncNet, they been around for a while and have kept a good active game community alive. It would just suck to see people not playing and camping out games till they see a noob room, because they're caring about their ranking etc., rather than just playing this game just for the heck and passion for it. Like getting to play 3-5 games an hour as they come. Not attentive to there are pro's in the party or not. Just worrying about playing the game. So I would be confident in a ranking system that keeps stats fun and the gameflow,excitement going.

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