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Backdoored (8)


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EDIT: Version 4. I think I found the last rock, let's hope! Newest version is BDoor004

EDIT: Added version 3, with the correct fixes. I will update if I find more. Newest version is BDoor003, so download that one. Ty.


Wow I haven't been here in awhile!


(BTW guys the website is looking really good. Very nice.)


Honestly lost a lot of interest in the game at school, but I was bored this week and decided that I should try to finish a map I had started nearly a year ago. If you enjoyed my old map, Hillside Havoc, then you should enjoy this one as well. The map is called Backdoored and it can fit (ha) up to 8 players.


Focal points that I want to address:


- Good map for Allied players. The best option is to run your light tanks around the backside of the base and out-micro the slower soviet tanks (original concept of the map).

- The map has a huge gemfield in the center that also serves as a choke. Soviet players would be wise to hold this area with heavy tanks.

- Map works best with 2 Soviet players in front, and 2 Allied players in the "pocket" (Unless you turn on build off ally con yard, then it doesn't really matter xD)

- Basewalking to the center of the map means that you won't be very close to the outside ore fields, so plan your base layout wisely!


I wanted to create a map where the allies have a good chance at destabilizing the soviet players while still keeping things interesting. I think that the proximity of the spawns will help insure that your buddies can back you up in case you get into trouble. Protect your con-yard with engineers and walls if you have to!


I would love to see a replay of this on youtube if you have the time! I can't play at the moment because I'm on a bad connection, but I'll try to find some time the first week of January.


I would attach a picture, but I don't know how to take a screenshot of the whole map using RAED. I know you can take screenshots with XCC Editor but I don't think RAED has that compatibility.


Feedback appreciated. Tell me what you like / what you would like to see in future maps. Thank you!  :D


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