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Queue build in Multiplayer online


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It would be great if there's an option to add be able to play with this future if players agreed to play with this thing on.


It would be the same as turrets and enigeer off switch...


By the way, great job, returning Dune 2000 from his sudden death in 2001 :)

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In the days where winning was everything i can imagine people wouldn't want it any other way, but this is 2015 and lots of players are friendly and just want to have fun playing. Other options are already available like the cash etc (it can be manualy set) Most players play it like it suppose to be played without the queue build option. But i have to admin, i for one like to play a little bit different now and then, so the more options the better (fully customize) the default could be set at non queue build, 7000 cash en 10 start unites, like it should be. I really don't think it will split anything, old timers (like me) would see it as just 'more fun' and the new generation will play anyway no matter what the settings are. my 2 cents on the matter :)

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Yes, i cannot add this here. Dune2000 doesnt have that much strategies, it is mainly abotu fast clicking just like the other old games we support here. The ones with the best production win most of the time, if you take that part away then there is not much left of the core gameplay. A player who just downloaded the game owuld be able to produce at the same speed as someone who has been playing 5 years online non stop, it would be taking away the competitiveness/addictiveness. And like feda said, we would separate the small Dune2000 community like this, we don't have enough players to split them

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