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Way to get Hell March, Hell March 2 and Sole Survivor Hell march into C&C 95?


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You can extract them from there .mix. (or is that bag for RA2) and replace the 3 of the stock music tracks found in the score.mix. The RA2 may be in a wav format that will need to converted to .aud.


You will need XCC Mixer to extract the files. For RA1 I know it is in the scores.mix and I'm going to guess the same is true for SS. For RA2 it may be in a .bag. RA2 modding was way to long ago for me to know fore sure. The RA2 may be in a wav format that will need to converted to .aud. XCC Mixer can convert wav to aud.


With all 3 out and in aud format giove them the name of a stock track you don't want any more and use XCC MIX Editor to load them into the C&C95 scores.mix. C&C95 may have a music.ini added by Nyerguds but I don't know for sure. If there is that would prob be easier to add the tracks too.


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Allen262... I added full ini file music control to C&C95. There is no reason at all to replace stock tracks. Anyone can add new ones.



  • Extract the audio you want to add
  • If the source is not AUD already:

    [*]Put the AUD file in the C&C95 game folder, and give it an 8.3 DOS type filename (????????.AUD, with no spaces) that's not already used by the game. Usually, using the name the file had in the game you got it from will do just fine.

    [*]Extract themes.ini from C&C95's updatec.mix into the C&C95 game folder.

    [*]Add the new track to the ini file, as described in the patch 1.06c readme file and in themes.ini itself.


That's all, really. The themes.ini and aud work fine from the game folder, so they don't have to be put in a mix file or anything.


Note that messing up the index in "themes.ini" in a way that would give the game 0 audio tracks will crash the game. So, don't mess that up; just add tracks to the end of it :P

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