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Questions about Best of Beta

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The command Centre is GDI equivalent to the temple of nod, it will be needed to build some high tier units and like the temple will allow you access to a super weapon.


TS:BoB I hope will be compleatly compatible with the Original campain. Support for the Firestorm campain will be added latter when i plan to relise a map pack and mini campain as part of an update.

If any mission are directly affected by any changes (eg GDI mission 2 were a orca transport bug stoped the mission from finishing) i will make changes on the map or in the rules to stop this from happening.



feel free to ask about any thing else


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Yes, i plan to make it symilar to the nod airstrip from CnC1


i plan to make a short campain explaning the changes as a latter add-on or with a TS:BoB Patch, but the idea with the dropship bay is


Big units = to expensive to make at the war factory, So are build at dropship bay for less

Small units = to expensive to ship in to the Dropship bay, So are build in the war factory for less

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