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CNCNet Launcher - PC restarts


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Yeah... so for some reason the cncnet launcher is causing my pc to keep shutting off.


my pc used to do it every now and again anyway but it seems to be happening very regularly when i run CnCNet launcher... it's just happened 5 times while i was trying to get a game going and now i give up 8-)


I'm not blaming the launcher as it's probably more of an issue with my pc.. it just seems to happen when im just about to start a game. It VERY rarely happens when the launcher is not active.

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my pc used to do it every now and again anyway

Yeeah... if I were you, I'd:

-Make sure you got more than 1 GB of hard disk space free; Windows tends to crash if you don't due to an inability to cache memory to disk.

-Run Malwarebytes Antimalware to see if you got bad stuff ruining your PC.

-Run a memtest to see if you don't have errors in your RAM.

-Check if your disks, CPU and/or motherboard chipset aren't running too hot for some reason (like, dust in the CPU / chipset fan, disks packed too close together in the case with no airflow through them).

-Update your drivers.

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