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RA2 Pirated version


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This is probably old old news to most, but i just read about it today. Apparently all units and buildings would explode 30 seconds into the game when playing in multi player mode when you are running a pirated copy of RA2 . I guess this is new to me because this is one of the few games that i thought was actually worth buying so i never downloaded a pirated copy of it.

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One would expect cracks would circumvent that, which they do for Generals/Zero Hour (which also has the same issue). However, just because it's designed to auto-defeat you in 30 seconds if it discovers it's pirated doesn't mean it'll do it all the time. That's been common knowledge for ages among players and pirates alike.


Freeware RA2/YR would likely be distributed with 1:1 ISO copies of the CDs (like TD and RA1) or an adapted, pre-cracked TFD version like TS/FS.

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