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Client crashing upon game start



Good morning, noon, afternoon or evening wherever you are,


I downloaded the CnCnet client today to play Red Alert 2 Yuri's revenge, but sadly it's crashing when the host starts the game.


How I reproduced the problem:

1) Double click on the CnCnet client icon and click connect.

2) Join a Yuri's revenge room, set everything up and click I'm ready.

3) Wait for the host to start the game.

4) When the host starts the game, this happens: http://sournoishack.com/uploads/1722686300Capture.PNG


Here's the log file: http://pastebin.com/LDy6w10N

I included the whole log just in case, but the username of the (last) host was awpCAT, so CTRL+F that for relevant results.


One last thing to note, when I get that error message, if I just ignore it and don't click OK nor [X], I can continue using the client normally, and reproduce as many error windows as desired.


Many thanks,



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Hey Adnan - I've just notified the developers so they will be looking into this. Thank you for reporting.


Alright, thank you. Please report back when it's fixed, or any way I can get notified of the problem being solved.



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