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Streamers - come forward!

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If you're interested in streaming for our channel, we can whip you a Twitch API key to stream any of CnCNet's supported games.


Once we have enough streams, they will show up as *Live* on the website, and will be advertised across our social media channels.


PM me if you're interested.

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why not just feature streamers' own channels? With asking what you're asking, you're forcing streamers to move away from their own channels on their own times and they'll have to advertise, if they even do that, your channel, while it'd be more beneficial if you were to feature them, because the deal is your product: CNCnet, with the games and mods that are being streamed already using CNCnet, we're already kind of promoting your product.

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We already have been showing other peoples channels for a long time, the game lobby is able to read the twitch api and shows if a player is streaming. I don't know whats the benefit of showing the streams of other people in our own channel, i actually thought that the stream is just copied over to ours then and at the same time people can still watch it on the real channel of the streamer. I have never tried it tho... so i don't know how it works exactly

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Twitch recently intergrated a new feature called HOSTING.


in your chat type

/host channelname


and on your channel, ppl will be able to see what that given person is playing, while not being forced to go to that person's chat. Your viewers will still be able to go to his chat, by clicking on the link of his channel, but it's not an absolute must.


Here's how it looks:



This is, I guess the best for all of us.


If the other streamer is done, or you won't be able to stay online yourself, type in your chat:



Then everything will revert back to your channel's lay out


However, hosting, for some strange reason, takes priority over your own channel's stream, so don't forget to unhost when you're about to go live yourself

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Hey - if you contact FunkyFr3sh either here on the forums, youtube account or irc chat - he'll be able to assist (I think he uploads on behalf of people who submit - and credit them).


Btw you have some good vids, perhaps a t-shirt is required though for some of our official channel videos - especially if we were to promote! :D


Mad idea: We should probably ship some cncnet t-shirts as an incentive to getting more of the community to stand infront of the camera and talk/play cncnet.

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All our uploaders use google drive, it is the best thing to create a folder there just for the videos you like to share. This way the folder can be linked to my drive account and i can copy it directly from drive to youtube without the need to download the videos

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Hi all,


I've been streaming on Twitch since 2011 and have a relatively strong fanbase (although somewhat inactive as of late). My content revolves around speedrunning and racing older retro games, particularly A Link to the Past on the SNES (see SpeedRunsLive.com). I would definitely be open to streaming some RA2/YR on my channel and/or streaming on the CnCNet channel at some point.


My twitch is twitch.tv/ChristosOwen if you're interested in taking a look.


I have also made YT tutorials for speedruns, and have been thinking about making some YT tutorials for RA2/YR. This would focus on how to play Allied probably (aimed at beginners), what some basic builds are on a variety of maps, how to control certain units, some different tactics you can use, how to alter your play vs allied/sov/what they're doing etc etc etc...


Would there be any interest in such videos?



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