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I have an existential doubt

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Hi, I'm Zylar, as is everyone? Well my question is Why Not outsole Music That Is In Score-Extra.mix In Red Alert 1 Online, oh That's Normal is an award Error Oh if not Tambiem may not matter but I would like to know how to put music into the I meti game personalisada music in score-extra.mix and not see and I wonder if Score.mix can be configured as the previous dimensioned, well that greetings

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a prize for anyone who can understand...

don't let elmah read this or we will have to post a long disclaimer here too

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I think you are right

If I can find anything that is CnC that you don't have Ill award it to you . lol

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Garbled spambot? Or garbled human?

It appears to me that person used machine translation while making some spelling errors in their original message (the odd non-English words that remain untranslated seem to hint at that), which confused the heck of the translation engine (possibly a poor one in its own right), hence the result ended up being the rather hilarious gibberish that it is. BTW is the thread title original, or was it changed by a mod?


Speaking of RA1 music, I noticed that the CnCNet5 RA1 spawn executable seems to ignore both PortableRA's 


file (which adds extra music), as well as the 




flags from 


. No matter how I would set the options, in a multiplayer or skirmish game started via the CnCNet5 client (i.e. from 


) the track that plays upon start is always "


", only side-specific music tracks are visible in the playlist, and the extra tracks from 


are never there. Everything works fine when using PortableRA's standard executable (


) though.



EDIT: FunkyFr3sh now enabled all of the above-mentioned functionality in 


, thus if (as I suspect) the original poster's concern was the unavailability of the music from 


  in CnCNet5 RA1 games, I guess that issue is now resolved.

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