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When is Red Alert 2 coming out?


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Hello CNCNET team I hope I'm not asking for too much but I was wondering do you have an idea of when Red Alert 2 will be released?

Oh and I just wanted to say thank you CNCNET for bringing so much joy and fun to me and my dad,we waited 8 years to fight each other,we used the ps2 port of the game. But you guys have brought so much fun to my house I hope you guys keep going forever and keep the classic Red Alert games live with a strong community.


Truxton. :mammoth:

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You kinda can play vanilla RA2 already, at least as far as the tech trees are concerned. To do that, select the

"RA2 Classic Mode" 

from the game mode list in the map selection dialog.


[/code] will still be selectable, but is just another Soviet faction (with the Siege Chopper as special unit). AFAIK any other YR vs vanilla RA2 changes still apply.


This is a handy way to prevent players from playing the Yuri faction, should you so desire in your hosted game.

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55aa: there are some small changes (including engine differences) between that game mode and real RA2.

Initially I assumed it was just the tech trees, but looking at RA2 Classic Mode.ini it indeed shows that you actually made an attempt to emulate vanilla RA2 as closely as possible (sans the soviet Yuri faction that has been added). Though, of course you're right about there being some more fundamental engine changes between RA2 and YR which cannot really be overridden via .ini settings. Still, I'd guess that most players aren't relying particularly heavily on those changes, and should for now be served very well by the RA2 mode you provided if wishing to play vanilla RA2.

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What you are referring to seems to be emulated correctly in "

RA2 Classic Mode

" (in that mode a Rhino Tank builds in about 16 seconds on speed 4, versus about 22 seconds in "


" mode), and this is easily controllable via


settings. The things Iran was talking about are rather more subtle.


EDIT: an example of such a hardcoded feature is the ability to see precisely how many enemy troops have garrisoned a given building (which IMHO is actually pretty senseless from a logical standpoint, because how the heck would you know that, but whatever). That thing came with YR, and stays active even if you play "

RA2 Classic Mode


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