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Maps for YR


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First what kind of maps are you looking for , Offical Westwood made maps? or Fanmade maps.


As far as sharing, its simple as after you download said map, just send the download link to friend, or send the file directly to them using your fav file transfer method.


all maps are placed in the core installation directory.


http://www.cnclabs.com/maps/redalert2/westwood-maps.aspx <--- RA2 // YR Maps Offical Westwood Created Maps





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Are there any maps available for YR? and if so, Where do I get them and how do I share them?

You can download some from here:



Anyone remember beach front, or waterfort oil? I loved those maps!

I have a version of  Beach Front, but I couldn't find my Waterfort map, must've left it in my old pc :(

Ah waterfort was great too! Love those two maps

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