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(SOLVED) Incomplete cutscenes for campaign and add-on missions


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Hi guys,


I've been doing speedruns for the campaign missions and add-ons (Counterstrike and Aftermath), and I noticed that many add-on missions don't have victory/defeat cutscenes, while the intro cutscenes for every mission in the Soviet campaign is absent. Am I missing out on something when I installed the game? Where do I download the complete cutscene set from?


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You need to select "install cd2" to get the videos of both sides

Aftermath/Counterstrike have no videos by default, you can get the ps1 versions ported to pc here:




thanks, where can i find the RA installer? I tried looking at the folder but there's no setup.exe or RA1installer.exe

EDIT: found the installer, but it says please select the drive/folder that contains Red Alert CD 1, I tried the C drive and the Red Alert folder but it doesn't work. What should I select?

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Oh, I thought you used RA1installer to install the single-player game. How did you install your game?


If you don't have the cd's or iso files then you got to choose  "Full Web-Install + Install CD2" in RA1installer


thanks, i found the RA installer and used it to install CD2. All good! :D

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