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Tiberian Dawn - Urban Warfare (2-6)

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This map first of all was inspired by it's name, urban warfare itself, but there are so many other themes happening in this map, things I wanted to portray.


This, obviously, is a thriving area somewhere in the continet of Africa, more likely in the northern end, as the community apears Muslim. The city has grown large because of it's nearby rich oil supplys but alightly with the dawn of the tibeium age, oil prices are low compared to the cheaply aquired tiberium, the market is harsh and times are poor in the city.

The area is quickly becoming effected by the incredibly fast growth of tiberium, there is no one to help this community and so it must fend for itself against a killer that will destroy the plantlife and make it it's own and sicken the people until death. Irony, as it has already had so many issues with the lifeform before it even made contact with the village.

Even the outlying african people are effected, these people have never cared much for one another, would this catastrophy maybe bring them together, would it even matter if they are about it lose everything anyway?

Now a new terror has come, war. These people know too well about the violence that has surrounded them over the years, relligious fanatics, and the fear of it settles in fast. But why have these factions come to battle here? The tiberium of course, the very thing that caused all the problems in the first place.


Command and Conquer portrays much more than just a war, a dissagreement between two factions. It is a planet in destress. Famine, because the food is either contaminated or the market is destoryed by the easy mining of tiberium.

Pestulence, the dissease caused by this life that wants only more space, like a virus it spreads across the planet.

War, behind all great wealth are men who want it all, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Death, I suppose by now this might seem like a way out for these people, perhaps they are no longer scared of such a thing.


The end of the world? No, the biggening of a new one. The Tiberian Dawn.


I hope you think about such things when you play this map, but if you don't... have fun playing an Urban Warfare map anyway!


number 67





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