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Airstrike behavior, Nuke damage, crates


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Some questions about TD to try to replicate some in RA.


I tried a crate game (N3tRunn3r's map, http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=363.0 ) Tech 0, unit 0, Redeployable off, and selling construction yard right away.  Didn't seem to get an extra abundance of crates but did test what I wanted anyway and got airstrike from a crate in multi.  It consisted of one plane that dropped ten napalm.  Loading a save for the single mission GDI 15, there's normally three planes, but when down to Nod having just its four last buildings left it was only one plane.  Each plane still drops 10 napalm.  Aside from the number of planes changing, one other weird thing is that its ammo/payload is set to 3, in both Nyerguds's aircraft.ini and viewing dos C&C's game.dat in CCedit.  So no idea why Westwood set 3 ammo for that unit but it always drop 10 or why the number of planes varies and if the plane count varies in multi.


Another funny thing was one crate spawned a viceroid I had to fight.

Crates can also give stealth, which by default has zero chance in RA but you can change that.

Wondering if there's any other interesting crate effects in TD that we don't see in RA.

EDIT: Here's an almost complete list: http://cnc.realmacmark.de/pages/tactics/Crates.html

Doesn't list the enemy viceroid though.


In RA AtomDamage=1000 but most buildings are double strength.  The construction yard is more than double strength and has better armor in RA.  The most logical thing to do is half AtomDamage to 500 for half the strength buildings.  Just wondering how accurate that would be in replicating TD (its weaker nuke in multiplayer, not the super powerful one in single player).  Also the nuke warhead has a spread of 8 in TD but only 6 in RA.  I'm wondering if the spread=8 only pertains to the bigger single player nuke and TD's multiplayer nuke is around the same spread as RA.

A litte insight but not exact numbers: http://cnc.realmacmark.de/pages/tactics/CYnuke.html and http://cnc.realmacmark.de/pages/tactics/light_units_nuke.html

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Thanks.  Your suggestion ended up being exactly the conclusion I came to.  I guess RA multi AtomDamage 1000 = TD single NukeDamage (just with a lesser blast radius which is not the same as the warhead spread setting).  So 3/10 = 300 TD multi NukeDamage.


I built up a base, drew its layout, and nuked myself in TD.  Then in RA I placed a base of the same composition and layout in a map and nuked it trying different values for AtomDamage until I got similar results.  300 ended up being it.  Nuked the center spot of clearing in front of the CY in TD and then in RA with the CY at TD strength & armor, and AtomDamage 300. Both situations put it to about the same amount of red life.  Other spots on it destroyed it outright which is possible in TD according to that strategies page.  In RA, the CY was on fire after, so if you don't repair it quick, the fire eventually destroys it.  Maybe should test nuking in TD some more, but I think I got it pretty accurate.  The biggest differences are that light vehicles are less prone in RA for what reason I don't know unless the missile lands directly on it and Advanced Power Plants are more prone in RA.  In TD they're less prone than CY even though they have less strength and same armor because they occupy less spots.  In RA we know they're bigger and occupy more spots that the nuke hits.


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