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Final Alert .mpr Question


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Just a quick question here, when saving a map as .mpr, I noticed the map will not load in Yuri's Revenge's  (havent tried it in RA2) skirmish list. When I manually renamed the file to .yrm it showed up fine and is playable.


Is .mpr only reserved for solo RA2 and not YR? Or am I doing something wrong in the map creation process? Either map size or something else? The map in question is my port of Super Bridgehead Redux to Red Alert 2, but its made using Final Alert. 





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you've answered your own questions.

.mpr maps are for RA2 (there is a map size limit, I believe its Length+width > 256)

.yrm maps are for Yuris Revenge.

As for singleplayer stuff, I have no idea.

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Guest Mechacaseal

Tiberian Sun has .map and .mpr and neither are reserved for singleplayer or multiplayer. when i used to make maps for tiberian sun id rename the .mpr to .map and put them in a mix file and make a secondary file to go along with it that would tell the game to read the maps in the mix file. i believe ppmsite also has a mod map optimizer tool that does similar cause apparently if you have a shit ton of downloaded .mpr maps from multiplayer it slows down tiberian sun bootup or something.

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