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Guest neogrant

A special note to our donators out there...

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On behalf of the team, we would just like to say a big thank you.


It helps us to build, promote and deliver better things for the C&C community.  Without your help, CnCNet would certainly not be where it is today.

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Yes, wonderful donators!


You give us money for doing what we have a passion to do on our free time and you give us money based on how awesome we do it.


CnCNet certainly does need people who are willing to do things for free, like give ideas; dev; play the game; read forums: Throw money at us... All of it is really really giving!


Just remember that we were once players or forum stalkers like you who found a place to waste our times!


Also remember that we represent an old way of thinking, so make sure you recognise the definite comparison between your previous state of mind in which you enjoyed this series of games and how you are now, sometimes the past has more answers then the present.



Founder of CnCNet,



PS: I am awesome.

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