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This product requires 16 bit pixel depth?



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Guest Mechacaseal

I have a brand new computer (ASUS Laptop/tab) with windows 8 so i know i have the latest software so i dont understand why i cant execute this game. I used to love this game i would love to make this work can anyone help me?


You literally have the worst setup to play. Laptops dont run these games well and windows 8 is not yet supported and breaks a lot of current gen software on the market. shoulda stuck to a desktop pc with windows 7 for best results. with that said good luck and try using the forum search function to find solutions for your problems. (current problem will be the first of many)

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mechacaseal, please stop giving comments that really don't contain a single constructive sentence. From what I've seen, it is possible to run the games on Windows 8, so if you can't be bothered to actually do that search yourself and post your findings, please don't reply to these at all.


That said, Karrotskirrit, as cn2cm said, if you don't tell us which game you're talking about we can't really help you. From the error message I'm going to assume you tried to run Tiberian Sun in windowed mode, though, which indeed doesn't work because it requires a lower colour depth than what's default on anyone's screen these days. So, my advice... don't run in windowed mode?

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