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[TS] Image transforming


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Please, i need ideas for boats, and stuff for in the water!


So I want to use already excising images added to the Boats elements I'm working on. (So no civilian types without a picture, i dont like the grey blank images) I've noticed that by removing a turret from a vehicle looks pretty awesome ! Just add: Turret=no under the code of a specific vehicle. I havn't tried them all, but i know it looks so cool on the disruptor [sONIC]. Its perfect for a boat! and I bet Hover MRLS will too. I have added a Laser turret to the Light Post, it looks pretty well for in water!


Second, does somebody know how to replace the picture in the menu on a vehicle, but keeping the original image of the vehicles it self? I mean,  if we use the code for example:



Both the picture in the menu, and the vehicle image will change to disruptor. It would be great if someone knows something about the graphics, seperating or picking a brand new one. I've seen some menu pictures that i can use, and most people never seen before, like BBOARD, actually has his own picture in the menu! It looks like crap, but at least its unique, and not grey!


LAST, actually any knowledge you have about image transforming would be great!  :)  Any ideas for boats and water stuff is very welcome.


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