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Play offline vs Offline Skirmish



In my install of just RA online without the full single player campaigns on the first launcher screen where you have: Play Online, Play Offline or Offline Skirmish, Settings, RAEd, original Editior, Exit...

Offline Skirmish which takes you to right to CNCNet's skirmish setup changed to Play Offline which runs the full game normally taking you to the title menu (and spawn1.mix with its cnc images is not loaded).


I want to change it back for the sake quickly testing changes I make in maps/mapmods.  I can still go to play online and choose skirmish instead of connecting but it still checks for updates and slows me down altogether.

It might have happened from me copying mix files from another install but it won't change back after I removed a copied mix.

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It was always like this, that's because the design of the launcher :D It only looks good with 6 buttons, that's why the singleplayer installation got the single player (play offline) button. The online install doesn't have singleplayer missions, so I could use this button for the skirmish mode.


What about this: I change the skirmish mode to allow you to change existing maps without the need to restart the lobby. You would still need to restart the lobby if you add a completely new map, but I can fix that too (have it done already somewhat)


you can also copy the launcher from the online version to your singleplayer installation and use it there, the filename is different so you can make another shortcut and have both

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