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Hello, people



This topic is dedicated solely to my multiplayer maps for Red Alert 1 which are recommended to play through CNCNET client. Everybody played cooperative maps at least once, and probably found out that they are a good alternative to a regular gameplay. You can test your base defense skills as well as see if you are able play in a team with other people and win the map.


Some people may know me in Cncnet, my nickname is GDI. I started creating RA1 coop maps since I had a chance to experience Sedde's, Schmuudi, WO and Normandy maps. These ones were the inspiration for me and I just started figuring out how to actually create them  :D


So, enclosed you will find a couple of files, just copy them to favorites or cooperation directory inside RA and enjoy. The main idea of my tower defense maps is to protect one building which we call the "hospital" (in RA it is a bio-research laboratory). The main challenge that players may have is the wrong build which will result in a defeat. Depending on the AI behavior that was installed in the map, players may notice different strategies that computer picks to either directly eliminate the hospital, or rather go through different routes and, using suddeness, clear up everything what players managed to build.



I have implemented my own changes to the game characteristics which, in my opinion, will correspond and contribute to more intense coop gameplay. I prepared the list of attributed that are unique to my maps:


[glow=red,2,300]1) There are no cheats, or unfair elements. One player does not have advantage over others.


2) Engineers of limited quantity are provided for yellow and additional players to repair hospital, which most cases it becomes extremely difficult.


3) Additional reinforcements may come in to help the team to survive.


4) Players are able to change the flow of the coop map in their favor if the team builds highly effective defense and maintain this strategy up to very end.


5) All players have Radar Domes which needs to be protected at all times. They provide energy and ability to build within the limits of layout.


6) All players receive mobile construction yards (MCVs) which are subject to be destroyed by AI if not deployed correctly. It is crucially important to enhance driving skills and find the best possible location for deployment as soon as possible. It does not guarantee AI will not consider to shoot at MCVs at any moment.


7) Usually my maps have many different waves, some of them were easy to create, some others gave me headaches until i found a perfect solution. The reason being is that Red Alert engine is very straightforward, limited, and obviously is not designed for these maps. Its limitations causes its high sensitivity to any abnormal directions, triggers, team creation, team orders, location of different entities, which all may result in crash. Since I started, I think I can make an encyclopedia about what you can and what you cannot do in Red Alert in order not to crash it.


8 ) Enemy is very diversified. You may encounter up to 6 different enemy squads attacking at the same time, which all have their own goals and tools. You will see enemy airforce in multiple quantities, dozens of ships, marathon-trained infantry, and of course aggressive heavy, mammoth and medium tanks, which will shoot very badly. Don't forget about Tanya's.


9) I have introduced a controlled music and sound atmosphere in order to specify the tension during different waves. In addition, the game always notifies about major things that are about to happen, through a green text and some sound special effects.


10) Players may choose their own ways how to oppose enemy, whether it would be destroying bridges, or maximizing their turrets throughout the specific places, or rather spreading all towers alongside enemy waypath. Maps contain many hidden places that may be properly utilized for the benefit of a team.


11) Maps also contain easter eggs, which i will not disclose. I will let other players find them out.[/glow]




I hope everyone will try out my maps to test their tower defense skills. In case if you think the map cannot be won (because it is over complicated), always remember that someone else actually know the way how to win it.


One advice before you create an online session to play with other people. In all maps except for GDI9.0a  add one AI in team B and kill him at the beginning. In this case, the game will not finish if anybody leaves or bugs the game.


So far, this is all what I wanted to say. Have fun, create videos about your perfect builds, and share with others (and also with me) what are your ideas about making even better tower defense maps. I will do my best to accomplish them in my future maps.




1) GDI 9.0a GDI Tower Defense Stable Hotfix Anti-Crash




2) GDI Desert Combat Defense 2.0 Easy




3) GDI Desert Combat Defense 2.2 Medium




4) GDI Desert Combat Defense 2.1 Hard




5) GDI Crimea Defense 1.0 (Very Hard) (Updated)




6) GDI Crimea Defense 1.1 Night Operation (Hard)















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Thanks for the feedback. I do my best to connect all things into one well playable game experience.


New map is being uploaded. Enjoy playing it. It is on cncnet game servers already as well.


6) GDI Crimea Defense 1.1 Night Operation (Hard)



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