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Great Wall.... CHARGE!!!


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This requires CNCNet's spawn1.mix which contains C&C1 gfx.  Use RA1MPLauncher to launch skirmish mode.  Choose any #start but 2.  And for an AI opponent set it to start #2.  Set any additional AI players as your allies at other starts.


You start with a ton of Nod units and some other units.


Country factions are:

France & Greece = Allies

England & Spain = GDI

Germany & Turkey = Nod

Russia & Ukraine = Soviet

Eng&Ger have Chronosphere.  Spain&Turkey have IronCurtain&Airfield.


No one has GPS, spyplane, or paratroopers, except maybe your AI opponent.


Gun Turrets and Chem Warriors are changed to be able to shoot over concrete walls.


Oil Pumps generate power and store ore.


I brought in a couple ideas from Lunar Battle Field rules.


This is the only map I have ever made with infinite ore.  It was necessary to recreate the contained gold mines.


This was an old expansion single player scenario I liked in WCII.  I recreated it as an RA skirmish map which may be a bit ridiculous.  So far I've found it's beatable with two normal difficulty AI allies vs the normal AI enemy.


The pics in order are the original WCII version, followed by pics of my RA version.  The off color one might show details better than the correct color one.  And the large preview I cut off the bottom so you can't see what's beyond until you play it or open it in an editor.


You can do whatever you want with this file.  Just keep in mind RAEd shifts all the commented lines when it saves.  And before opening it in RAEd you must open it in notepad and change the teamtype's waypoint from 100 to a lower number.  After working in RAEd, open in notepad again, and change back to 100 to play the game with the map.


Maybe I'll see how to make this a proper single player mission or a co-op multi map sometime.  In skirmish mode the player is always multi1, but in multiplayer it's random even if you host the game.


Have fun!


UPDATE: New version.  If the France/Greece (Allies) were to capture the airfield, an option to build a chinook transport that didn't work appeared.  And it keeps saying new construction options.  Chinook set buildable by everyone to fix that.  Also added XO on front of the name since it's that ruleset and people know it requires spawn1.mix.






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In my first post of the thread is my mpr for RA.


In my reply is the pud file for(from) WC2 you asked for.  I was telling the subdirectory of the WC2 folder that it came from, since you probably already have it, if you have any version of WC2 other than original release without the expansion.

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