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[RA1] new balance mod

Furry Fox

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Hi ! I did a little mod on RA1 which changes the balance and gameplay, making it similar to the TD gameplay. But I need help how to optimize\to apply the mod to this version of the game. As far  I remember Cncnet 5 no longer uses ini files, also there is a problem with the icon for a single unit. who understands all this please tell me what to do next ? How to apply the mod to the game and how to get the icon for the unit ?


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OK. Is it possible to combine  mod with the map ? I've seen the ability to edit Rules in the map editor. But there is only the Rules file, and my mod contains files Aftermath and file for icon . Can all three mod files  connect to a map that other players do not have to download and replace the game files on modified ?

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