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AI Not Attacking


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So I converted a single-player map in Tiberian Sun to a multi-player map and did the necessary editing and stuff, the problem is that the AI does NOT attack me at all, it builds its base as normal but it just doesn't build up an attack to force to attack me, all it does is just building additional harvesters and strike me with super weapons and sit there. Help is appreciated!


Also, is there a way to prevent structures you put for your house in the map editor from disappearing when you start the game ?

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Open the map with wordpad and go to [basic] than look for IgnoreGlobalAITriggers=  make sure it says IgnoreGlobalAITriggers=no.


This should make the map use all of the stock AI Trigger as they are listed in the AI.ini/AIFS.ini


Thanks it worked :)

What about the other part of the question ?

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