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Red Alert 1 won't start with Windows 10



Hi guys,


I have installed Windows 10 on both my main PC and a secondary laptop and neither of them will start Red Alert. You run the program, it starts the process and leaves the process running, but never actually loads up. It uses CPU still.


Compatibility mode does not work. Annoyed how every time MS release a new Windows version, they manage to break my traditionally favourite game. :P

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What installer did you use? All of our installers should work on windows 10 -> http://cncnet.org/


Try it with the default settings, do not put any custom patches in the folder and no compat modes


This sorted it. I was using an older installation which I had just copied the directory of. I have been doing it this way since Windows 7 and through 8-8.1 so was surprised it did not work in Windows 10.


Anyway, now sorted, thanks.

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Hello, I just upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1. I have a Razor Blade 2014.


CnnNet 5 Installation succeeded without any problem. CncNet is running perfectly and Red Alert is launching great.


However, when playing RA1, the in-game menu on the right side of the screen is missing. I can't select any building or unit. I suspect the video card settings or an incompatibility. I have a GeForce GTX 860M. I will play around with the available settings and post an update if I find a solution.


Anyone else is experiencing this?


Thank you!

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